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Clear View Sightless Gaskets
Our 70mm maintenance free upvc has been carefully designed so that you get optimum protection from the elements but don’t have to suffer the ugly black gasket lines around the glass and door panels that so many other systems suffer.
With clean sight lines and a beautiful sculptured glazing bead we are sure you will agree this product can only enhance your home.
By Design
You may desire coloured glass, 25mm or 18mm Georgian bar, diamond or square leading or choose from our wide range of glass bevels all hand made to your specification. You may also design your own from scratch.
All our colours are hand crafted and designed using the latest colour film.
Multipoint shootbolt espagnolette lock
All our casement windows are fitted with the latest shootbolt espagnolette lock. Designed to fit into the urogroove and around the corner of the window vent the lock crimped at the top and bottom for added strength and security.
With a 13mm bolt and up to four mushroom cams this lock meets the requirements of BS7950: 1997. For performance they have been endurance tested to 40,000 operations and have been salt sprayed tested for 500 hours by the BBA
Ultimate anti intruder
The ultimate in security for the hinge side of the window. The zinc alloy plated anti jemmy combined with our stainless steel hinge is the ultimate in high security. Engaged only when the window is under attack test performances exceed BS7950 to give you total peace of mind in your home.
Aluminium, steel or nothing?
Have you ever thought what’s inside the windows? Well if your lucky you may get steel and all the problems of rusting, sweating, and many others associated with this way of reinforcing. At Derosa as required our products are only reinforced with high-grade aluminium not only for strength and a reduction in thermal conductivity but to ensure that nothing on our product will rust.
The Complete 70mm suite
When your old windows are removed there will normally be the old paint lines left on the brickwork don’t worry with our 70mm deep outer frames you can now say goodbye to them.
Contemporary styling
Durable and robust our distinctive and elegant designed handles in contrasting finishes to compliment perfectly with our latest window designs. Engineered with a solid off set grip and a positive automatic locking on closing. The simple push button release designed for ease of operation and safety may also be key deadlocked for enhanced security. Manufactured under:BS EN ISO 9001:1994
Lock striking plates
The dedicated shootbolt and mushroom striker plates locate exactly in to the corners of the outer frame maximizing the strength. The striker plates are designed to act as anti jemmy devices. This plate also allows you to have your windows on a night vent giving you a twelve-point lock on a full side vent.
Warm edge technology
Insulating ‘k’ glass units with our unique warm edge spacer bar reduces to a minimum the heat loss at the edge of the unit.
The aluminium spacer bar used in normal manufacture of double glazed units is a good conductor and therefore creates a thermal bridge all around the edge of the glass. The result is condensation and mould.
Made from a highly insulating engineering plastic the warm edge spacer avoids thermal bridging at the edge of the glass keeping it warm and defusing problems with condensation and valuable heat loss.
Tests have show that the thermal edge bond reduces and improves the U-value by up to 17% according to the type of building.
Insulating glass with warm edge technology spacer bar is certified according to DIN 1286 part 1 and 2.

Pilki ngton Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass
Pilkington Activ™ is an ordinary glass with a special coating on the outside that has the unique dual-action. Once exposed to daylight, the coating chemically reacts in two ways. First, it breaks down any organic dirt deposits and second, rain water ‘sheets’ down the glass to wash the loosened dirt away.(Hover over image for more details)